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The neighborhood of Hope is located in northern part of Providence, Rhode Island. Hope is better known to residents as the Summit neighborhood and remains a strong, community-oriented quarter.

The Summit Neighborhood Association publishes quarterly newsletters and encourages community participation.

The Summit Music Festival takes place in August and local vendors are encouraged to participate. A community yard sale is also held.

The tree lined streets of Hope are made even more scenic by Victorian architecture. Plenty of shops are available on the walkable streets of Hope. Visitors and residents will also enjoy casual dining spots along Hope Street.

Nearly 3,500 residents currently occupy Hope. Work opportunities are available as Hope is a suburb of Providence, making for easy commute times.

Hope residents are proud of their community, and rightly so. The neighborhood is a modern, middle to upper class area that has residents who take care of the village with pride and integrity.

Directions to Hope, RI

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