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Riverside, Rhode Island is one of three neighborhoods located in the city of East Providence.

By the time East Providence was incorporated there were only a handful of people who had decided to settle there. However, clam diggers from all around discovered that there was abundant supply of shellfish in the area. Soon Riverside was filled with townspeople hoping to make a living from bringing their shellfish supply to Providence for purchase.

Summer homes became increasingly popular in Riverside. Charles I.D. Loof relocated to the town. After many years, Mr. Loof produced the first steam-powered carousel. He then sold it to Crescent Park for use. Crescent park was, at the time, a very popular amusement park. It operated for nearly one hundred years, until its closure in 1979. The vintage carousel that Mr. Loof built is the only relic that remains of the park.

Riverside offers suburban convenience to any seeking the amenities of city life.

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