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The New Development division at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England, New York and Westchester Properties is comprised of dedicated new development sales and marketing professionals, including market researchers, brand strategists, graphic designers and seasoned sales experts whose primary objective is to create value for developers and home builders. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ portfolio spans a variety of development types including subdivisions, condominiums, apartments, mixed-use units and spec houses. Our firm consistently sets new standards of excellence and achievement in the industry and is regularly recognized by the Home Builders Association of Connecticut.


  • 2017 Best Pre-Construction Marketing For A Community Essex Glen, Essex, CT
  • 2017 Best Promotional Video Grasso Development Corp., Westchester County, NY
  • 2016 Best Community Website - Johnnycake Mountain, Burlington, CT
  • 2016 New Home Sales Manager of the Year - Gary Emerito
  • 2016 Best Community Website www.sonomawoods.com
  • 2015 Best Online Campaign Mill Pond Crossing, Simsbury, CT
  • 2015 Best Community Website www.edgewaterhill.com
  • 2014 Best Community Website www.bridgehamptoncrossing.com
  • 2013 Best New Home Sales Team Sonoma Woods, Middletown, CT
  • 2012 Best Community Sales Brochure Sonoma Woods, Middletown, CT
  • 2012 Best Marketed Subdivision Harbor House, Greenwich, CT
  • 2010 Best Hartford County Website www.westhillsofavon.com
  • 2010 Best Fairfield County Website Ridgefield Townhomes, Ridgefield, CT
  • 2009 Best Community Brochure and Website The Homes at Greenbrier, Montville, CT
  • 2008 Best Marketed Mid-size Community and Best Sales Brochure The Orchards, Bristol, CT
  • 2007 Best Sales Brochure and Internet Site 101 Main, Stonington, CT
  • 2006 Best Marketed Mid-size Community Banner Country Club Estates, East Haddam, CT
  • 2006 Best Marketed Large Community and Sales Center The Orchards, East Lyme, CT

New Development Team

Our Specialized Agents
Randall Conradi  Agent
Randall Conradi https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/FD3/FD33E2F4-F1F0-4F97-A267-2EA352A382C4_3.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Mystic United States
+1-(860) 235-0151 randallconradi@bhhsne.com sales US
Jeffrey Del Favero  Agent
Jeffrey Del Favero https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/D8A/D8AA9A1B-3D6F-49AA-8282-6DE54DDE4973_4.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Middletown United States
+1-(203) 213-2031 jdelfavero@bhhsne.com sales US
David Galligan  Agent
David Galligan https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/B38/B3824B1F-992F-494C-8218-D748B883DE7D_5.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Madison United States
+1-(203) 868-9944 davidgalligan@bhhsne.com sales US
Peter Janis  Agent
Peter Janis https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/194/1947894F-B8EA-4060-B839-B6A191C91C9D_3.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Greenwich United States
+1-(203) 249-1013 peterjanis@bhhsne.com sales US
Eric Janssen  Agent
Eric Janssen https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/660/66067AFF-1DF3-4039-814A-99812D5215BD_3.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
New York United States
+1-(917) 952-0196 ericjanssen@bhhsnyproperties.com sales US
Brenda Maher  Agent
Brenda Maher https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/37A/37A30704-51C2-44AA-929C-0726BE868B9E_3.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Wallingford United States
+1-(203) 940-4969 brendamaher@bhhsne.com sales US
Mark Pruner  Agent
Mark Pruner https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/B9A/B9AAD5E6-5BF8-41DB-959E-67CB617B523F_3.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Greenwich United States
+1-(203) 969-7900 markpruner@bhhsne.com sales US
Kathryn Redican  Agent
Kathryn Redican https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/23D/23DAA60F-F380-4C37-8E81-6EB9930C5B78_3.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Wallingford United States
+1-(860) 571-7049 kathrynredican@bhhsne.com sales US
Lorenzo Signorile  Agent
Lorenzo Signorile https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/444/444B7D1C-8B02-43BA-B080-EB87C7C0A992_6.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Eastchester United States
+1-(914) 490-3906 lorenzosignorile@bhhswestchester.com sales US
Gregg Wagner  Agent

Regional Vice President & Director of New Homes and Land
Gregg Wagner https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/E3F/E3F71BC7-836F-4BD1-AC2B-6D275B7C73DD_2.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
Wallingford United States
+1-(203) 979-2652 gwagner@bhhsne.com sales US
Maryalice Widness  Agent
Maryalice Widness https://www.bhhsneproperties.com/img/apt/image_cache/AGENT/PICTURE/53D/53D00016-BFE3-4EA7-8B3E-0B734C043999_3.jpg?mw=800&mh=500
3130 Crow Canyon Placet Suite
West Hartford United States
+1-(860) 916-3209 maryalicewidness@bhhsne.com sales US